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Are You Coming To Our Fair City?


Little Dixie 

Book shop

Formerly dba The Galvanized Yankee

at 204 North Liberty in Independence, Missouri 64050

(less than 1/2 block north of the old historic square )

Store hours: 9:30 AM to 5:00PM

Monday thru Saturday

Books on the Civil War in the Trans-Mississippi theater.

Specializing in Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Texas history, plus many books not listed in the catalog

Books Souvenirs GiftsArtMusic

Caps, Cups, T-shirts, Flags, even mouse pads!

Carolyn M. Bartels, proprietress

Want to browse through some of our books we have on hand?


Please note that is only a sampling of the 2000 or so

publications that are available at the shop. 


or call us at: 1-816-252-9696

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