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One of our favorite artists, Linda Carlton, has produced the CD below with some of the best Civil war music we've heard in a long time.

The songs included are:

The Sword of Robert E. Lee

Johnny has gone for a Soldier

Rock of Ages

A Soldier of the First Missouri Brigade

The Battle of Shiloh Hill

The Gentle Maiden

The Bitter Tears She Cried

Wayfaring Stranger

Ye Banks and Braes

Hieland Man

Nearer My God To Thee

The Cavalryman's Last Ride


CD: $15.00.


Slave Songs of the United States                    

Originally published in 1867, the book is a collection of songs by African-American slaves; organized geographically. A few of the songs were written after the emancipation, but, all were inspired by slavery. Paperback. 168 pages. $9.95.


We will add more music as we find it that we feel you'll enjoy!