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General James Rains; Missouri State Guard,  

     His Papers, Battle Reports, and Officer Roster                                                                                                                                                                            General Rains, although his tenure as commander was short, played a vital part in the  original organization and movements of the Missouri State Guard. From their storage in the National Archives his papers have been typed into a book format for researchers. These papers contain all battle reports, casualty lists, plans, orders, roster of his officers, commissions, retirement and in many instances their transfer to other units. Soft cover. As yet unpriced. Ready for mailing by March 25, '07.


Colonel Emmet MacDonald, His Artillery and His Cavalry 

   Regimental history. Contains information on formation of his St. Louis Battery and what is known as MacDonald's Cavalry Battalion. The book contains his battle reports, casualty lists, rosters of the men of both units (as far as can be ascertained) and all information contained on their compiled service records. As yet unpriced. Soft cover. Ready for mailing by April 1, '07


Haunted Ozark Battlefields

   Written by Steven Cottrell of Carthage, Missouri. Two Trails is privileged to be a part of this new book by a popular noted author. Steve, a well-known Missouri Civil War Re-enactor, researched battlefields across the Ozarks while he participated in hundreds of events. In the soldiering process, over the years, he has gathered some great stories and excellent pictures. And from  his vast personal collection many are used in this new book. As yet unpriced. Soft cover. Ready for mailing April 1, '07.


The Burning of Osceola, Missouri

   Written and researched by Richard Sunderwirth, this book, which first appeared as columns in the St. Clair Courier, starting in 2005, looks back to a tragic event carried out by the radical General James Lane of Kansas fame. The horror and aftermath have remained unresearched and largely untalked about for over 146 years. Sunderwirth has found first hand accounts and previously unpublished materials concerning that terrible day that changed the lives of hundreds of Osceola residents as the flames ravaged a lifetime of dreams and hard work. This project is yet another piece of Missouri history. As yet unpriced.  Projected completion date of mid-April 2007.


Charles "Ki" Harrison: The Gambler, The Rebel, The Yankee

   Jan Toms and Carolyn Bartels have now joined the ranks of the many researchers who have attempted to solve the mystery of just which one of these men eas killed on the Verdegris River in Kansas in 1863. Previous researchers of these men will be astounded at the new materials uncovered and many questions will be answered. Un-priced as yet.  Projected date of April, 2007


Two Trails has completed some valuable projects this past winter in our on going preservation of history. First was the book, The Burning of Dayton. Written and researched by Jackie Roberts of Harrisonville, Missouri. A great work! This book may be ordered from Jackie at: 816-380-2760. Be sure and ask about upcoming publications. Jackie and her husband, Jay, have quite a few!


Next was the work compiled by Bob Schmidt of French Village, Missouri. Bob purchased the minutes or transcriptions of the trial of Union commander Frank Blair of St. Louis. It seems Blair's clerks changed the amounts on a large shipment of liquor and as General Grant had ordered the flow of spirits to be ebbed, an investigation was held after the boat that had been carrying the inflated cargo had been stopped. A great look behind the scenes into wartime corruption and flagrant abuses of privilege. This book may be ordered from Bob Schmidt at: 584 Hwy Y, French Village, Missouri, 63036.