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Tears and Turmoil: Order # 11 In Missouri

Compiled by Joanne C. Eakin. (Whose family endured this infamous time) A collection of first person accounts from those who lived through this terrible time in Missouri history. Individually the stories are interesting, but read together they give a better feeling for the impact the Civil War and Order # 11 had on neighbors and former old friends. Lots of old, handed down stories of this infamous Union Military order that changed the lives of all it touched. 125 pages, indexed, soft-cover, photo’s.$12.95                                                                                                                           



Preview Booklet explaining the terrible order, Order # 11, which depopulated 3+ border counties of Missouri.

Now available at $2.50.                                                



Tennessee Deaths in Union Prisons and Hospitals

Alphabetical listing of name, rank, company, regiment, place of death and final resting place. Soft-cover. $9.00                                                                                                                             



TexasConfedDeaths.jpg (64049 bytes)

Texas Deaths Union Prisons and Hospitals

Same format as Tennessee and Missouri deaths. Soft-cover. $9.00                                                                                                                           




Texas, The Dark Corner of the Confederacy

Contemporary accounts of the Lone Star State in the Civil War.

Edited by B. P. Gallaway. Gallaway has assembled eye-witness accounts of various phases, both military and civilian, of the great conflict, Well known incidents such as the Twiggs give away of the Federal forts in February of 1861 and Dick Dowlings great victory at Sabine Pass in September of 1863 and the battle of Galveston. 286 pages softcover, maps, $16.95..                                                                                                                    


Hardcover on request $45.00



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Texas and Texans in the Civil War

By Dr. Ralph Wooster. 464 pages, photos, maps, notes, bibliography, index. We have used this book extensively and recommend it for researchers and readers. These Texans were one tough bunch! Hardcover. $28.95.




Texas Cavalry Officer’s Civil War: The Diary and Letters of James C. Bates

Edited by Richard Lowe. Excerpted from entry: "The last year has passed I do not know how, It seems but a dream.. Nothing I have seen or done seems real to me - unless indeed I except what fighting I have done and I can assure you there has been quite enough of reality in that. There was no dreaming there."Powerful and moving, describes this work. A volunteer in the 9th Texas Cavalry, James Campbell Bates fought the battles within the Trans-Mississippi Department; Elk Horn, Corinth, Holly Springs, James and Thompson’s Station in far off Tennessee, plus almost daily skirmishing. Wonderful accounts of his life and that of his army. Letters included are those back home in Paris, Texas, to his awaiting wife. 328 pages, 10 halftones, 9 maps. $39.95.                                                                                                                           



Trans-Mississippi Order Book; Brig. General John S. Marmaduke  

Transcribed from micro-film copy of the original by Carolyn M. Bartels.  Never before published as a whole, Marmaduke’s Order Book has been used by many authors. We are super proud of this venture, compiled in conjunction with Missouri Order of the Stars and Bars. Never before seen casualty lists; behind the scenes look at day to day operations of a military division; conflicts, plans of strategy; movement orders; enlistments requirements; conscripts regulations; court-martial transcripts and sentences; execution orders; daily rations for an army; transfers and resignations of officers and enlisted men.  Something for everyone who is a history seeker of the Trans-Mississippi Department.   Fully indexed with over 3500 entries; Listings of Orders, special & general; appendix; You’ll be glad you invested.

Soft-cover edition in two volumes due to size at 47.00 for both; Hardcover in one volume at 59.00.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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Trial of Frank JamesII.jpg (24729 bytes) The Trail of Frank James for Murder-July 21, 1883  With confessions of Dick Liddel and Clarence Hite

By George Miller Jr. (1898 reprinted edition)

The trial of Frank James was no doubt the trial of the century in Missouri at that time. Taking place in Gallatin, Missouri, the trial started on July 21, 1883 and played to a packed house each day it was in session. The testimony and summations by the cadre of attorneys for each side took record breaking weeks to hear. Within the testimony many aliases that Frank and Jesse James, Jim Cummins, Bill Ryan, the Ford brothers, and many others used came to the surface. Great reading! 348 pages. Many photographs. $22.95


Trans-Mississippi Men at War: Missouri

Compiled by Carolyn Bartels. Hundreds of files went into this book, from all primary sources. Thus providing the researcher of Missouri military history CSA a valuable working tool. The records included: letters, Adjutant Generals records, casualty lists, organizations of Missouri’s MSG field and staff, some records of events and movements, material from county records and miscellaneous gathering of files from Missouri State Archives. Missouri is Volume I of the series.

Some valuable and unusual records not found readily, such as the payroll records for all of the men of the Eighth Division MSG are included within the text. Soft-cover, 300 pages, fully indexed. $32.95                                                                                                


Hardcover at $42.95



Under the Black Flag

Charles Harris, renowned researcher and Quantrill Society member, has researched the use and origins of the "Black Flag.." Readers will find this small booklet exceptionally interesting. Mr. Harris explores the flag as an object and as a term of warfare. Many valuable references are noted. Small 5 X 8 size, $3.00.



Union Military Post Returns From Missouri 1861-1863

 Soft-cover. 106 pgs. $15.00                                                                                                                                




VoicesoftheSwampFox.jpg (70725 bytes)

Voices of the Swamp Fox

James Mc Ghee researched General Jeff Thompson and compiled some of his more interesting notes and writings. This booklet is just great. Retails for $8.95. 





Wanted! Frank and Jesse James The Real Story

Reprinted by special permission of the original authors Margaret Baldwin and Pat O’Brien and published the first time in limited number edition of 1982 quickly sold out. Full of photographs of the gun-slinging brothers. They were more than criminals, they were the by-product of the chaotic society that grew out of the terrible border wars of the War between the States. This is the real story behind Frank and Jesse. 192 pages. Soft cover. $18.95.                                                



War Along the Bayous.jpg (22090 bytes)

War Along the Bayous: The 1864 Red River Campaign in Louisiana

By Wm. R. Brooksher. A dramatic compelling story of the largest military operation west of the Mississippi River during the Civil War. The text vividly details the fierce clashes at Mansfield, Pleasant Hill, and Yellow Bayou, and the destruction of Natchitoches and Alexandria. Complete with maps. 287 pgs soft-cover 17.95                                                                                                     




With Porter in North Missouri

Re-published by Camp Pope Books. The publisher has brought this colorful man back to life with the reprinting of this famous old book by Joseph A. Mudd. The book is basically a history of the First Northeast Missouri Cavalry, C.S.A., better known as Porter’s Regiment, which rode wild and free through Yankee controlled northeastern Missouri during the summer of 1862. Wonderful book; great text, clear and sharp. Attractive cover. 380 pages, PLUS a large appendix section full of personal information on these men; Fully indexed and at bargain at $20.95.