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Reunion.jpg (1316003 bytes) A Reunion in Death

By Duncan Hansen

It took Duncan Hansen 17 years of walking old cemeteries and at least a ton of correspondence to provide us with the closing chapter for these men. 314 pages of absolutely interesting data and about 240 photos of grave sites. Included is an obituary section that provides some last rites of passage for some and valuable personal information. Plus Duncan has provided a listing of the cemeteries and driving instructions to each. An award winning work. $26.95.


docu0034.jpg (640840 bytes) A Reunion in Death II: More Gravesites of Quantrill's Men.

By Duncan Hansen.

A further listing of more of Quantrill's men. Duncan just kept at it after seeing how well Volume I was received. This volume brings the total of found members to well over 200!  Soft cover. $24.95 


docu0001.jpg (159697 bytes)  Rebels Remembered: Si Gordon & John Thrailkill                        

by James W. and John W. Farley                            

Silas M. Gordon, known as 'Si', the youngest son of a respected Platte County family, and John Thrailkill, orphaned at a young age and living with a relative in Andrew County when the was broke out, were destined to play legendary roles in the Civil War. Each became a company captain in the First Missouri Cavalry CSA, under Col. Elijah Gates. Through fate, each became a guerrilla band leader midway thru the war. Their actions are detailed in this book. Neither ever surrendered. Si settled in Texas as a trader and John went to Mexico with Gen. JO Shelby, joined with the Dictator Diaz, and became quite wealthy. Fascinating stories! Soft Cover.  Note: An authentic picture of John Thrailkill included. $14.95



Recollections of Pioneer

By J.W. (Watt) Gibson. Written by Gibson from his home in St. Joseph, Mo., on 15 Aug. 1912. This is the first reprint of the book that was so sought after for over eighty years. After taking off for the California Gold Fields in 1849 - and returning with enough to buy some land - he settled down to farming. Finding that he could not live at home peaceably in 1861, he enlisted under General Price for the battle of Lexington and served throughout the war. Excellent version of the Civil War from a privates vantage point. 216 pgs, indexed, soft-cover. $14.95                                                                                                                             




Recollections of Quantrill’s Guerrillas

Revealing story as told to Victor E. Martin in 1910 in Weatherford, Texas by former member Andy Walker, is a real eye opener!  For the first time we can see and witness the true beginnings of  William C. Quantrill's great legend by one who was an actual witness to the events. Andy revealed names and events that transpired and of those that took part in the guerrilla warfare in missouri. Transcribed by J. C. Eakin. 112 pages. $12.95.                                                                                                                         




Roster of Confederate Military Reunions

Reunion records are invaluable to researchers, giving a name and place at a specific time in history. These records were copied from reunions held at Jefferson City, 1883; Higginsville, 1889; Louisiana, Mo., 1885; St. Joseph, Mo., 1902; Marshall 1886 and Moberly 1881; and Springfield, Mo., in 1901. Alphabetical listing within each camp of members in attendance or membership lists, rank, regiment and a current address if noted. Soft-cover, 123 pgs. $14.95                                                                                                                                





The Second Texas Infantry; From Shiloh to Vicksburg

By Joseph E. Chance. With the text taken from primary source material, letters, diaries, official reports, and eye-witness accounts, the author takes this regiment throughout its organization to the battle of Shiloh, Corinth and the campaigns around Vicksburg. Excellent detail. Officers lists. Songs and poetry of the Second is shared. Personnel lists and extensive detailed end-notes. WONDERFUL SCHOLARLY WORK. Soft-cover & 217 pages takes it all in. $17.95                                                                                                                               





The Secret War for the Union.jpg (117931 bytes) The Secret War For The Union; The Untold Story of Military Intelligence in the Civil War

by Edwain C. Fishel.                                          

Soft-cover 559 pgs of text, and an additional 200 plus pages of notes, appendix, index, biographical section. A great reference work any serious student of war should have at hand. $20.00


Serving With Honor: The Diary of Captain Eathan Allen Pinell of the Eighth Mo. Infantry

Michael Banasik and Camp Pope, does a splendid award winning job again. This book is sub-titled "Unwritten chapters of the Civil War West of the River," and it truly lives up to its name. A well directed attention to detail this first hand account is all encompassing in history, west of the big waters. Includes rosters, casualty lists, excellent photo’s. 409 pages includes the appendix. Fully indexed. Attractive soft-cover $19.95                                                                                                                                




Saturday, November 03, 2007.jpg (295733 bytes)


Jo Shelby's Iron Brigade

by Deryl P. Sellmeyer

The toughest, most accomplished cavalry brigade west of the Mississippi River was Gen. Jo Shelby's Iron Brigade. This factual, fully documented account traces the Confederate units history from it's origin through the end of the Civil War. Free from romanticized exaggerations, this work is the most reliable historical source on the subject. Every march, camp, and battle that could be identified from source material is recorded in this story of leadership, brotherhood, and the American West. Deryl  P. Sellmeyer spent two decades researching the true story of this illustrious military unit his great-great- grandfather served in as a private.331 pages plus 51 pages of notes, photos, and index. Hardcover. $29.95




Shelby and His Men

Written by John Newman Edwards, we understand, while in Mexico in 1867.  This book encompasses General JO Shelby and his men throughout the war. The absolute closest to actually having his papers transcribed.  Major Edwards served as Shelby’s adjutant, and therefore was privy to most of his correspondence and orders and was certainly in the thick of things on numerous occasion. In fact, Edwards wrote Shelby’s official reports of battles and campaigns. Excellent reference work. This book was reprinted in 1993 as a tribute to General Joseph Shelby Memorial Fund for the placing of a memorial monument. 542 pages of text, the rest of the 90 pages is made up of reunion records; service records of various men and regiments and a full every name index. Hardcover, dust-jacket, $37.00                                                                                                                                 



The Undefeated Rebel.. JO Shelby

General Shelby did not officially surrender. Instead he took a small group of men and headed to Mexico. This book is a reprint of one of the first few written about General Shelby. First Published in the 1950's by North Carolina University Press, it is back for our enjoyment. Excellent research piece of work. $19.95                                                                                                                                        



Splendors and Horrors of a Battlefield. A Yankee Cavalryman Views the Battle of Prairie Grove

Transcribed by Joanne C. Eakin from the Journal of Lt. Charles Wesley DeWolf, 7th Mo. Cav., US, which was written as the events took place. The Journal was in the possession of Howard Monett and was only one of possibly three journals kept by De Wolf. This was the second and begins December 1, 1862, and continues until May 29, 1863. The reader follows the activities, which are dramatically recorded-across the state of Missouri and includes many battles and skirmishes in the southern portion of the state. Foot-notes have been added by the research of Wayne H. Schnetzer and additional information to the men and events recorded within the pages of this wonderful piece of history. Soft-cover, 165 pages, fully indexed. $14.95                                                                                                                                




StoryofColeYounger.jpg (37669 bytes)

The Story of Cole Younger By Himself

Edited text, newly improved photo’s, Oak Hills Publishing, has really given us a worthwhile manuscript within the 160 pages of text. This is Cole Younger’s story, as told by himself and in his own words. You won’t be sorry, unless you overlook this great little gem. Soft-cover, $14.95





Stand Watie and the First Cherokee

By Carolyn Bartels. Stand Watie was the last holdout in the Confederate surrender, He and his men fought all four years, always with the promise of weapons. The Confederacy wanted their support, but sort of "didn’t get around" to giving them arms, clothing or feeding them. A valiant struggle of a proud man. Soft-cover edition taken from Official Records War of the Rebellion, and Oklahoma History.  $9.00