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Hard Trials and Tribulations of an Old Confederate Soldier

Reprinted in 1998 by Oak Hills Publishing, this truer than life accounting given by George Maddox of his life and experiences as a Confederate soldier, are just simply great! Good read.! 84 pages, soft-cover, $9.95                                                                                                                                                    




Haunted Ozark Battlefields.jpg (1240169 bytes) Haunted Ozark Battlefields               

by Steve Cottrell                                             

Written by Steven Cottrell of Carthage, Missouri. Two Trails is privileged to be a part of this new book by a popular noted author. Steve, a well-known Missouri Civil War Re-enactor, researched battlefields across the Ozarks while he participated in hundreds of events. In the soldiering process, over the years, he has gathered some great stories and excellent pictures. And from  his vast personal collection many are used in this new book. Soft Cover. $12.95


1stand2ndMOHC.jpg (125987 bytes)    History of the 1st and 2nd Missouri Confederate   Brigades - 1861 to 1865 and from Wakarusa to Appomattox - A Military Anagraph

By R. S. Bevier. This reprinted book, now in hardcover, tells the story, in Colonel R. S. Bevier's unique style. Colonel Bevier relates the brigades progress thru the  greatest of American conflicts. From battle field to officers conferences. Told and written as only one who lived it could.  Hardcover. Indexed. $36.95




I Knew Frank...I I Wish I Had Known Jesse    

by Samuel Anderson Pence

Author Sam Pence (1885-1971 ) was the son of Samuel Adam Pence(1856-1907) and the grandson of Darwin Jackson Pence (1826-1915) natives of Clay County, Missouri who lived near the James farm. He was the great-grandson of Adam Pence (1803-1889), an early settler of Clay County. He was also the great-nephew of guerrillas Donnie and Bud Pence, who were life-long friends of Frank and Jesse. Sam worked on the manuscript most of his life, finishing about 1960. A fascinating read, with much information and photos coming to light for the first time.482 pages of text, plus an index and many photographs of the James family and friends not previously published. Soft Cover. $26.95


Iowa Union Infantry Regiments: First thru Fourteenth

By Carolyn Bartels. Day by day movements, overall organizations, encampments, battles, skirmishes all rolled in to a short mini-history, allowing you to follow an army through for research. List also given of Andersonville prison deaths of Iowans. The book is soft-cover $9.50                                                                                                                                               




Jack "Quail Hunter" Kennedy

Chuck Rabas tells the story of John "Jack" Kennedy who didnít want to be like his hero Jesse James.. He wanted to be Jesse James. From 1889 to 1899 he linked himself to family members and associates of the infamous James-Younger gang. Jack was one of the few outlaws whose careers bridges the period from the 19th century old west to the gangster era of the roaring 20's. Born and raised in Jackson county, Missouri, he colors history with a reported 19 bank robberies.. His sense of humor was his downfall but gave him a nickname.. A barrel of laughs in 47 pages, $7.00                                                                                                                                                    




JesseFrankScrapbook1.jpg (894811 bytes) Jesse and Frank James Scrapbook Volume I

by Donald Hale

    These two marvelous scrapbooks follow the lives of Jesse and Frank James through the Civil War, their post-war activities, and on till the end of their lives. Acclaimed author Donald Hale has one the most complete newspaper collections anywhere and he shares all! Soft Cover            Volume  I     $22.95


JesseFrankScapbook2.jpg (892738 bytes) Jesse and Frank James Scrapbook Volume II

by Donald Hale

     This volume continues the story of the James brothers adventurous lives including Jesses untimely end and Franks surrender. Many articles are from the time period of the actual events. Soft Cover. $22.95



Jennisonís Jayhawkers. A Civil War Cavalry Regiment And itís Command

To actually judge the Civil War, both sides, nice and not so nice, must be taken into account. Written by Stephen Starr, the Seventh Kansas Cavalry, in its beginning, was one of those considered, as not so nice. They killed civilians and prisoners, were indiscriminate in pillaging, all the while burned houses, barns and did considerable in adding meaning to the word, "jayhawking" during a turbulent time. Never-the-less, we recommend it for researchers. Many little known facts are explored. Soft-cover, 405 pgs, indexed.$1.95                                                                                                                                                     




    Johnson County Missouri in the Civil War

   By Bruce Nichols. Johnson County, located in the west - central portion of Missouri, was the scene of continuous guerrilla warfare during the Civil War. It's location, along the frontier of western settlement near strife-torn Kansas, contributed to the hostilities. It's population, holding mixed loyalties and differing political views, was also a source of trouble. Most of the fighting was guerrilla type warfare. This consisted of Confederate Partisan operations against Union occupation troops and Federal countermeasures against the guerrillas. The book details the four years of continual violence from raids from Kansas, outlaw bands raiding, and the Union countermeasures in the virtually lawless area. A good read! Indexed. 134 pages. $13.95


Check out Bruce's new book at this location! CLICK HERE!!!               (or go to book descriptions D thru G,  Guerrilla Warfare in Missouri, 1862)

Hauntings3.jpg (79855 bytes) Kansas City Hauntings and Ghosts

By Sueanne Pool

This one of a kind publication will make your hair stand on end! Noted paranormal researcher, Sueanne Pool, uses her special abilities to do research in local old homes and graveyards to show that we definitely are not alone. Many actual photos of....something! See for yourself. Soft Cover. $16.95.



Kansas and Kansans In the Civil War

Published first many years ago by Carolyn Bartels, then rewritten with additions by Alice Fry. This book gives a short history of the 1st thru the 13th Kansas Regiments. Includes known casualty lists, all line and field officers and staff. In addition, Alice added the diary or account of John H. Kitts, the battle of Prairie Grove by Colonel Dennison and the testimonial of Capt. Joshua Pike on how he was unable to apprehend the famed Quantrill, who was allowed to sack Lawrence by this misapprehension. 110 pages, soft-cover, $13.00                                                                                                                                                  



The Last Cherokee Warriors

Philip Steele, author, has done a magnificent job with this work. He documents the tragic lives of the last hold out of the Cherokee warriors, Ezekiel Proctor and Ned Christie. These are two angry men who struggled against the tide of history and the government in an effort to stop the encroaching whites and preserve intact the Cherokee heritage. EXCELLENT! 112 pgs, indexed, soft-cover. $9.95                                                                                                                                                      



The Last Long Mile; From Westport to Arkansas 1864

By Carolyn Bartels. From the Fred Lee collection came three unpublished old diaries, detailing and humanizing the battles of Westport, Mine Creek and the sorrowful degrading retreat through Kansas and Arkansas. New material, never before published, sheds a more personal light on the whole affair. The diaries leave no doubt as to privations and sufferings by man and beast on this harrowing march. Action packed with interwoven accounts of each portion of the battle and the march South. Also is included General Cabellís report in 1900 when he was living then in Dallas, Texas. The book lets you decide with the presentation of these new materials whether General Priceís raid of 1864 was actually what the military reports filed soundly proclaimed it to be. You will be surprised. 180 pgs, indexed, Soft-cover. $16.95                                                                                                                                                   




The Lost Cause: Confederate Exodus to Mexico

By Andrew F. Rolle. This book along with Fallen Guidons, should be the ultimate coverage of Shelbyís expedition to Mexico. The book chronicles the hardships and trials the former Confederates, who refused to surrender, endured in their quest to establish a new home and life. Soft-cover. 260 pgs.  $19.95




The Little Gods: Union Provost Marshals in Missouri 1861-1865

By J. C. Eakin. Provost Marshals, appointed by military law, became self-ordained minister of judgment, banishment of families and often with tragic results. The laws of right and justice turned a deaf ear to the flaming torches and the Federal marauding. Missouri families endured untold cruelties at the hands of these men, who also wielded the power of life or death. They were justly termed, "Little Gods" indeed.

Volume I Has some few of the personal official records from the Provost Marshal files that occurred in southeastern Missouri. 113 pages

Volume II Contains the records from Central Western Border area of Missouri. Letters and documents are from Independence, Clinton, Warrensburg, Kansas City, Lexington, Windsor, Sedalia, Dresden, Knobnoster, Warsaw & Dover, Missouri. Also included are stories from Fort Lincoln, Anderson County and Paola, Kansas.

Both volumes printed now as one book. Total of 245 pgs, soft-cover, indexed.. $15.95




The Life of General Albert Sidney Johnston; His Services in the Armies of the United States and the Republic of Texas, and the Confederate States

Written by Colonel William Preston Johnston. The book has long been a prime source of basic firsthand information about the life and campaigns of this Southern general whose death in the midst of victory may have deprived the Confederacy of the commander it needed at the helm to succeed. Especially valuable resource material on his early life and career. Brings to life Confederate operations in the West in 1861. Heavily outnumbered, faced with both Grant and Sherman, he made a general retreat into a brilliant advance. Typical of the mans genius at warfare and strategy. This work is a significant reference volume. $19.95

Large volume with 807 pages, index, 9 illustrations, 9 maps. A BARGAIN!


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Life of Albert Pike

By Walter Lee Brown. Pike will remain a controversial figure, the same as he has been for many years as a leader of the Indian forces within the Trans-Mississippi. The whole story is still clouded over by mis-information and politics of the time. Coming from humble background the man would in later life be the driving force behind the Masonic movement. Good reference work. Hardcover, 648 pages. $49.95


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Lone Star Generals In Gray

By Ralph Wooster. More than 70,000 Texans served in the military during the Civil War and a majority in the Confederate army and others in state forces, protecting the frontier. Dr Wooster is a noted historian and you canít study the Trans-Mississippi region of the Confederacy without this book.

6 X 9" 322 pages, photoís of 37 generals, endnotes, index. $24.95                                                                                                                                                   



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