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The Devil Knows How To Ride

Controversial work by Ed E. Leslie. Leslie has drawn all sort of comments and reviews with this work. For the general part all well received. This has become probably, next to the Edwards classic Noted Guerrillas, the most widely read book on the important bushwhacker life of William C. Quantrill. Well researched work. Soft-cover $18.95.

Civil War Times Illustrated’s Robt. Barr Smith says, "you can’t go wrong.".. 516 pages, 34 illustrations and 4 maps add to the text.





Diary of A Doctor: Missouri State Guard, 1861

By Joanne C. Eakin. Captain John Wyatt was prejudiced and opinionated, but very sympathetic and caring not only to his men, but the prisoners who were treated in his camp hospitals. Covers all the battles from Wilson’s Creek thru Lexington. An excellent accounting of the battles, officers involved, route., etc. Route maps by Wm. Lay. 62 pgs, indexed. $6.50                                                                                                                                               




Diary of a Town: Wellington, MO., 1818-1898

A Missouri River town in Lafayette County, Missouri. Listing of events, names and places, wartime events, stories, gossipy little tid-bits and cemetery records. By Joanne C. Eakin. 143 pgs sc, index, $16.00                                                                                                                                                 



Doctors in Blue

By George Washington Adams. Descriptive book concerns the Union Medical Service. Soft cover edition. $14.95.



Doctors in Gray

By H. H. Cunningham. Descriptive book concerns the Confederate Medical service. Soft cover. $16.95



Down The Santa Fe Trail; The Diary of Susan Magoffin

In June of 1846 Susan Magoffin , just a fresh new bride, of a tender eighteen years, set out with her husband on the adventure of her life, down the Santa Fe Trail. Unusual in its text, vibrant and you are there with her while reading her journal. She has shared her exploits, troubles, loss of a child and heart felt fears. Soft-cover edition at $16.95                                                                                                                                              



duelsandtheRoots.jpg (513192 bytes) Duels and the Roots of Violence in Missouri


Written by William Steward.. In early nineteenth century Missouri, the duel was the rite of passage for many young gentlemen seeking prestige and power. In time, however, other social groups, influenced by the ruling class, engaged in a variety of violent acts and symbolic challenges under the rubric of the code duello. In this book, Dick Steward takes an in-depth look at the evolution of dueling, tracing the origins, course, consequences and ultimate demise of one of the most deadly art forms in Missouri history. Fascinating reading! Hard cover. Indexed. 286 pages. $29.95.


 Elliott's Scouts: 9th Missouri Cavalry Battalion                           By Carolyn M. Bartels                                               
Major Ben Elliott, formerly of Co. I, Shelby's Regiment, had recruited a battalion of notorious scouts and border men, and constituted the advance of Shelby's Brigade. A very dangerous position because no matter the peril, they were never to fall back to the main body. This is their story              Soft Cover. $14.95 .                                                                                                                           




Fallen Guidons; The Saga of Confederate General Jo Shelby's March to Mexico

By Edwin Adams Davis. Excellent work! Descriptive text which places you on the scene. Descriptive terminology. Shelby had led the Missouri Cavalry Division through numerous battles in the Trans-Mississippi theater. Upon hearing of Lee's surrender, Shelby announced to his men, "We shall stand together, we shall keep our organization, our arms, our discipline, our hatred of oppression." And they did, all the way to Mexico where thrilling times awaited them. Indexed. 5 1/2 x 8 inch format. $14.95. (see also, The Lost Cause)




Fight For Missouri

By Thos. Snead. First published in 1886. As Aide-de-Camp to Missouri Governor Claiborne Jackson, Snead was intimately apprized of all the political decisions made during the war. After leaving Gov. Jackson, Snead was assigned as Chief of Ordnance by Genl. Sterling Price and then as Adjutant General. This position he held until the summer of 1864 when he became a member of the Confederate Congress. After Price returned from Mexico, he gave his personal military papers to Snead, for the purpose of compiling a history of the Confederacy in Missouri, during those early years. This edition, reprinted by Two Trails Publishing, was specially commissioned by the Mo. Div. S.C.V.. Soft-cover, 315 pages, index with maps.$17.95                                                                                                                                                 



The Fifth Season; Shelby's Great Raid of 1863

By Mark Scott. Great descriptive little book. Details the events of Missouri's hero on his 1863 raid. Mark wrote this for his thesis and it was so good, he decided to publish it. Excellent detailed work. 126 pages. Soft-cover. $12.95



Fighting10th.jpg (180020 bytes) The Fighting 10th: The History of the 10th Missouri Cavalry U.S.

By Len Eagleburger                       

During or after the Civil War, no history was ever written on this Missouri Union Cavalry regiment. This book will, hopefully, accomplish that. While the records now lay at the bottom of the Mississippi river near Greenville, Miss. where the steamer B. M. Runyan hit a snag and sank in 1864, the records have now been reconstructed along with the rosters. This book is the consolidation of three partial histories, incomplete individually, but, which together give the complete timeline for the unit from early events to the end of the war. A brief history of the Civil War in Missouri is also included. 636 pages. w/appendix. Soft Cover $27.95. Hard Cover $37.95
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                                  Hard Cover                                                 



The Gold of Cape Girardeau.jpg (27922 bytes) The Gold of Cape Girardeau   

By Morlet Swingle.                                        

A historical novel set in Missouri's southeastern region. "A treasure trove of gold is found next to a skeleton with a bullet hole in it's skull!" Swingle uses the character of Allison Culbertson, a young stylish female attorney, and no doubt drawing upon his own experiences as the prosecuting attorney of Cape Girardeau county, Missouri, the tale is spun in historical suspense that will keep it's readers turning the pages! Set in Civil War times during Missouri's most violent period of history. 279 pages, soft cover, with an excellent biographical reference section. $19.95.
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Flags of the Union

By Devereaux C. Cannon Jr. The book is a necessary guide to the history and development of flags in the U.S. up to the Civil War. Soft-cover, great photos, 98 pgs. $16.95                                                                                                                                                  



Flags of the Confederacy

By Devereaux C. Cannon Jr, Numerous color plates of the various flags are in this well researched look at the history of the national, state, and military flags that were developed during the Southern nations existence. 128 pgs.$16.95                                                                                                                                             



Following the Fifth Kansas: The Roster

Alice Fry compiled these two books. The Roster consists of the men who served within the ranks. Listed name, place of birth if given, residence at time of enlistment, age, and misc. Remarks on the cards. Some men are listed in the reunion records of 1888 and 1911. Excellent reference work. 225 pages, soft-cover. $21.00



Following the Fifth Kansas: The Letters

The Letters volume, is wonderful. Captain Creitz wrote back to his free thinking and doing wife left behind in Kansas. He constantly admonishes her on the company she keeps and she thinks for herself. When their home are is being invaded, evidently Captain Creitz quits writing and perhaps went home. The second part of the book deals with correspondence of Lt. Joseph Trego and Private George Flanders. Descriptive details, for battle of Helena, Arkansas, are super. The book has some photo’s of the men who served and the final chapters in Captain Chris’s life as a civilian. Good detail. Fully indexed, 225 pages $21.00. REMEMBER THESE ARE TWO SEPARATE BOOKS.



The Forgotten Men : The Missouri State Guard

By Carolyn Bartels. The men at least, over 7,000 of the Missouri State Guard, now have an identity. This author has kept the story, and, or the deposition the men gave concerning their military service in Missouri’s earliest Pro-Southern Army. An excellent primary source reference. The names are listed in alphabetical order within 406 pages of text. There is another name index of 3,000 plus entries, for the many other names found within the files of the men. A casualty list (CW Casualty List) as extracted from these same files, is by name and then reversed by event. Printed on heavy 60# bond. Soft-cover $32.95. Hard-cover $42.95                                                                                                                                                



More Forgotten Men

Compiled by Wayne Schnetzer. Wayne has located over 4000 more men who served as the Missouri State Guard. The book is a companion book to Forgotten Men, by Carolyn Bartels. Wayne has found new information and/or additions to many of her listings. Soft Cover, 8 1/2" x 11", 273 pages of names, plus a full index. $24.95.



Forgotten Valor

The first complete account of the 1st Missouri Cavalry Regiment, led by Colonel Elijah Gates. Written by James W. Farley, the book has received rave reviews for its content. Farley, in the first 200 pages takes the reader from the early formation of the Confederate regiment, through each and every battle, step by step as they followed their beloved commander. Believe me folks, you are right there in those battles. Excellent maps drawn by William Lay add to this wonderful book. In the last section, Mr. Farley has done all the work for you with the rosters and all information found within those files. A truly magnificent work. 487 pgs. soft-cover, $32.95   Hard Cover, $42.95                                                                                                                                              

              Soft  Cover                                                           BACK
              Hard Cover                                                        



Frank James Surrenders Himself, October 5, 1882.

Compiled by Joanne Eakin. Ever want to know the complete text of Frank James surrender letter? Not only does the book reprint the letter, but also Gov. Crittenden’s reply. All local newspaper accounts have been included. Second portion of the book contains the summation given by Attorney Wm. H. Wallace on the last day of the famous trial. Soft-cover, indexed. 85 pgs. $9.95                                                                                                                                                  



Frank and Jesse James The Story.jpg (262398 bytes) Frank James and Jesse James: The Story Behind the Legend

by Ted P. Yeatman                        

367 pgs plus James in the films section; forensic study in the exhumation of Jesse James in the 1990's; large section of end-notes. Indexed. Yeatman attempts to do just as the title implicates and he succeeds quite well. Well worth the read. A different type of book on the James boys. $26.95 hardcover



General Sterling Price and the Civil War In The West

Written by Albert Castel. Known affectionately as "Old Pap", General Price was a vital and unique personality, and one of the most important and controversial figures of the Civil War. The story is an accounting of the Confederacy’s struggle in the West. 300 pgs. sc. $19.95                                                                                                                                                  




General Price's Letter and Order Book, 1861; Missouri State Guard

By James McGhee. Jim in his usual way can find the most interesting material, and this is one of his best. The Order Book, in it's original form, was found at a museum and he transcribed it. Thus he gives us an inside view of the historical organization of the Missouri State Guard, almost on a daily basis. The book covers May 16, 1861 to early 1862, when apparently another book was started.  126 pages. Factual materials, primary source material. $12.95, (purchase this book and an Act to Provide For The Organization, Government, and Support of Military Forces, 1861 and you have a concise documentation of early Missouri history. The organizing of an army.)



Generals in Blue.

By Ezra J. Warner. This is written along the same lines as 'Generals in Gray'. Hard cover edition. $34.95.



Generals in Gray

By Bruce D. S. Allderdice. This work is a valuable asset for researchers. It contains 425 biographical sketches of the illusive history of these famous history makers. EXCELLENT WORK!!! Hard cover edition. $34.95



More Generals in Gray

By Bruce S. Allderdice. Contains references to 137 more Confederate commanders. Hard cover. $29.95




Gettysburg of the West: Battle of Westport

By Fred Lee. At last a noted Westport historian and author, Fred L. Lee, writes a book on Westport’s battle and includes some of the more colorful characters who fought in it. To name a few: George Caleb Bingham, Mountain Charley ( a woman), Liver Eatin’Johnson of Crow fame, Wild Bill Hickock and many others. The book is liberally illustrated with maps, photo’s, sketches. An excellent work by Mr. Historian himself. 176 pgs. soft-cover 19.75

Art work on the beautiful colorful cover by noted Ozark artist, Rocky Medley.                                                                                                                                                    





General Stand Watie’s Confederate Indians

By Frank Cunningham. Expert research in this book. Much thought went into the text, it is evident, in getting the story of the complex Stand Watie and his men across. Excellent work. Soft-cover, $18.95                                                                                                                                                     





Guerrilla Warfare in Civil War Missouri, 1862  

By Bruce Nichols                              

This book is a thorough study of all known guerrilla operations in Civil War Missouri in 1862. The author utilizes both well-known and obscure sources to identify which Southern Partisan leaders and groups operated in which areas and how their kinds of warfare evolved. An outstanding work on a par with other Nichol's research. A Missouri classic!. 256 pgs. Indexed; Photographs; Appendix. Hard Cover. $45.00.



The Gray Riders: Stories From the Confederate Cavalry

By Lee Jacobs. Live the life with these famous raiders, Stuart, Forrest and Mosby. Live their experiences as the "eyes and ears" of the army. These men were absolutely respected by their enemies as a formidable foe. Hard, with steel endurance, they have colored the pages of history throughout the Civil War, on basically every front of action. Soft-cover, 204 pages,$19.95. bibliography & indexed.                                                                                                                                               



GuerrillasUnionistsViolence.jpg (440630 bytes) Guerrillas, Unionists, and Violence on the Confederate Home Front

Edited by Daniel E. Sutherland.

 Much Civil War violence occurred far away from traditional battlefields like Shiloh and Sharpsburg. Indeed, some of the war's most intense violence occurred on the Confederate home front, as family and neighbors were pitted against one another in bloody struggles for control. Mr. Sutherland reminds us that the impact of battles and elections cannot be properly understood without knowledge of what happened on the home front.  These eleven essays, by noted Civil War scholars, each explore the Confederacy's war on the home front in a different state. This was a History Book Club selection. Soft cover. 250 pages. Indexed. $21.95.



Grey Ghosts of the Confederacy: Guerrilla Warfare in the West 1861-1865

By Richard S. Brownlee. This book, now almost a classic, and no doubt, right up there with Micheal Fellman’s, Inside War, as one of the most widely read books on Guerrilla warfare. The text is factual, and concise in relating the exploits of these colorful characters of history. A must for all guerrilla researchers, we at Two Trails highly recommend it for researching. 275 pages, soft-cover edition. $19.95