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Hard Trials and Tribulations of an Old Confederate Soldier

History of the 1st and 2nd Missouri Confederate Brigades

I Acted From Principle: The Civil War Diary of Dr. William  M.  McPheeters

Immortal Captives

The Biographical Roster of the Immortal 600

In Hospital and Camp: The Civil War Through the Eyes of Its Doctors and Nurses

Independence, The Battle of

Iowa Union Infantry Regiments: First thru Fourteenth

Irish Rebels, Confederate Tigers: A History of the 6th Louisiana Volunteers 1861-1865

Jack "Quail Hunter" Kennedy

Jennisonís Jayhawkers. A Civil War Cavalry Regiment And itís Command

Johnson County Missouri in the Civil War

A Frontier State at War

The Last Cherokee Warriors

The Last Long Mile; From Westport to Arkansas 1864

Life of Billy Yank

Life of Johnny Reb

The Lost Cause: Confederate Exodus to Mexico

The Little Gods: Union Provost Marshals in Missouri 1861-1865

The Lion of The South: General Thomas C. Hindman

Lone Star Generals In Gray