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Behind Enemy Lines

The memoirs and writings of Brig. Genl. Sidney Jackman. An important contribution to the historiography of the Civil War in the Trans-Mississippi. Marked by wit and candor, Jackman’s writings provide insights into the small unit actions and guerrilla skirmishes which typified the war in Missouri. Includes the unknown recording of the battle of Lone Jack. Compiled and arranged by Rick Norton of Oak Hills Publishing. Foot-notes, fully indexed, a wonderful addition to your library at, $16.95                                                                                                                                                    



Under the Black Flag

Charles Harris, renowned researcher and Quantrill Society member, has researched the use and origins of the "Black Flag.." Readers will find this small booklet exceptionally interesting. Mr. Harris explores the flag as an object and as a term of warfare. Many valuable references are noted. Small 5 X 8 size, $3.00.



Bloody Bill Anderson: The Short, Savage Life of a Civil War Guerrilla

Written by Albert Castel and Tom Goodrich, this book has sparked reviews of extra-ordinary number and conception of the work. Folks, we will not pass judgment! You be the judge on this new outlook. Hardcover $24.95



Civil war Bloody Bill.jpg (94369 bytes) The Civil War Story of 'Bloody Bill Anderson'

By Larry Wood

Although William "Bloody Bill" Anderson always warrants special mention in books about Confederate Civil War guerrilla William Quantrill, Anderson's story has scarcely been told in it's own right. In this publication Larry Wood aims "neither to condemn nor to justify, but, merely to tell a story that I find fascinating - the story of perhaps the bloodiest man in America's deadliest war." Soft cover. 271 pages. Indexed. $22.95


Charles Hart, Alias

Charles Harris, has researched the Charles Hart, long described in many accounts as actually William Quantrill. Documentation is all convincing, but the actual proof is in the written word. Harris has done a commendable project with this small booklet. Researchers of Quantrill will find this most interesting. 8 ½ X 11, stapled. $3.50                                                                                                                                                       



GuerrillasUnionistsViolence.jpg (440630 bytes) Guerrillas, Unionists, and Violence on the Confederate Home Front

Edited by Daniel E. Sutherland

Much Civil War violence occurred far away from traditional battlefields like Shiloh and Sharpsburg. Indeed, some of the war's most intense violence occurred on the Confederate home front, as family and neighbors were pitted against one another in bloody struggles for control. Mr. Sutherland reminds us that the impact of battles and elections cannot be properly understood without knowledge of what happened on the home front.  These eleven essays, by noted Civil War scholars, each explore the Confederacy's war on the home front in a different state. This was a History Book Club selection. Soft cover. 250 pages. Indexed. $21.95.


Civil War Guerrilla Goes on Trial. The Case of G. Byron Jones in 1864.

By J. C. Eakin. To be convicted of being a guerrilla during the Civil War in Missouri meant if he was captured, death was almost immediate. Jones got captured! He faced charges on, naturally, being one of "those," a bushwhacker, a horse thief, bridge burner, stealing slaves for resale and assisting in capturing a steamboat. Prison life quickly loosened his tongue. Soft-cover, 50 pages, indexed. $5.50                                                                                                                                                      



DXD.jpg (261288 bytes) The Civil War In Missouri Day By Day 1861 - 1865

The Missouri Classic! By Carolyn Bartels

Written in 1992, the book over the years has sold thousands of copies and is considered by most readers as a Missouri classic. The book is required and suggested reading for many Missouri Civil War re-enactors groups. From raids, battles, skirmishes, and the pursuit of the outlaw and guerrilla bands, the numerous Union scouting parties, right down to the systematic burning out of southern sympathizers; this book has something for each reader within its cover. Excellent gift for the Civil War reader. Autograph upon request. This book now has a new format and easier to read composition. Indexed by name and date. Soft-cover edition 231 pages $21.95. Hardcover edition $32.95. 
                                  Soft  Cover                                              
                                  Hard  Cover                                              


The Devil Knows How To Ride

Controversial work by Ed E. Leslie. Leslie has drawn all sort of comments and reviews with this work. For the general part all well received. This has become probably, next to Noted Guerrillas, the most widely read book on the important bushwhacker life of William C. Quantrill. Well researched work. Soft-cover $19.95.

Civil War Times Illustrated’s Robt. Barr Smith, says "you can’t go wrong.".. 516 pages, 34 illustrations and 4 maps add to the text.



Frank James Surrenders Himself, October 5, 1882.

Compiled by Joanne Eakin. Ever want to know the complete text of Frank James surrender letter? Not only does the book reprint the letter, but also Gov. Crittenden’s reply. All local newspaper accounts have been included. Second portion of the book contains the summation given by Attorney Wm. H. Wallace on the last day of the famous trial. Soft-cover, indexed. 85 pgs $9.95                                                                                                                                                  




Jack "Quail Hunter" Kennedy

Chuck Rabas tells the story of John "Jack" Kennedy who didn’t want to be like his hero Jesse James.. He wanted to be Jesse James. From 1889 to 1899 he linked himself to family members and associates of the infamous James-Younger gang. Jack was one of the few outlaws whose careers bridges the period from the 19th century old west to the gangster era of the roaring 20's. Born and raised in Jackson county, Missouri, he colors history with a reported 19 bank robberies.. His sense of humor was his downfall but gave him a nickname.. A barrel of laughs in 47 pages, $7.00                                                                                                                                                    



JesseJameswasName.jpg (333793 bytes) Jesse James Was His Name

By William S. Settle, JR

The author has, for a number of years, trailed the James brothers through the columns of old newspapers and the records of county courts. In his search for facts concerning these men-heroes to some, criminals to others-he has critically examined the contemporary accounts of their activities and has interviewed men and women who could give eyewitness or close hearsay evidence of them. Employing the techniques of scholarly research, Professor Settle has winnowed the fact from fiction to produce this study of these most notorious bandits. Hard cover. Indexed. 261 pages. $24.95


Jennison's Jayhawkers. A Civil War Cavalry Regiment And It's Command

By Stephen Starr. To acually judge the Civil War, both sides, the nice and not so nice, must be taken into account. The Seventh Kansas Cavalry, in it's beginning, was one of those considered 'not so nice'. They killed soldiers and civilians, were indiscriminate in pillaging, all the while burning houses and barns, and did considerable in adding meaning to the word "jayhawking" during a turbulent time. Never-the-less, we recommend it for researchers. Many little known facts are explored. Soft-cover. 405 pages. Indexed. $18.95.




Jesse James and the Civil War in Missouri

By Robert L. Dyer. Small, easy to read booklet, 75 pages, suitable for young adult readers, and older ones, too. Soft-cover. Fully indexed. Further reading appendices. Illustrations and James family photos. $11.95.



The Many Faces of Jesse James

By Philip W. Steele and George Warfel.  Jesse James was a veteran of the Civil War, a bank robber, and a very popular public hero. A fascinating story has been produced be Steele and Warfel that you are sure to enjoy. This book is special in that it shows most or suspected known photographs throughout his life and his career. $8.95.



Jesse and Frank James: The Family History

Researched and written by Philip Steele. Excellent research on Steele's part. Traces James, Samuel, Woodson, Poor, Mimms, Thomason, West, Howard, the Tennessee James and the Ford Families. All to varying degrees. Soft cover booklet. $8.95.



Memoirs of the Rebellion on the Border; 1863

By Wiley Britton. This famous book has been around even longer then we have. It is considered the primary source for border rebellion research. Well written and documented. 458 pgs. Softcover $14.95. Postage paid                                                                                                                                               



Noted Guerrillas

This famous old book, that was read with relish by thousands, following the Civil War, was first written by John Newman Edwards. Reprinted from an original copy by Two Trails Publishing. Joanne Eakin indexed the edition for added ease of wading through the flowery prose of the times of 1877 style. Wonderful account of the men who fought as Guerrilla’s in Missouri and some who followed the most famous generals within the Trans-Mississippi. You can readily see, after reading this, how some 250 men could hold at bay an entire Union army that occupied Missouri. The book, all 488 pages, is available in soft-cover at 24.95 and hard-cover for 34.95. Remember we always pay the postage.


                 Soft  Cover                                                         
                Hard  Cover                                                       


Quantrill Celebrates Washington’s Birthday at Independence.. 1862 Style..

By Wayne Schnetzer. The Union forces under Lt. Nettleton had about 160 men and Parker and Quantrill with about 75 men met on the south side of the Square in front of Uhlinger’s Bakery on February 22, 1862. The fight that ensued was a most unique one, 12 pages, 5X6 inches. $1.50 when orders with other titles. $2.50 single.                                                                                                                                             

                 Hard Cover                                                       


Quantrill’s Letters

By Joanne Eakin. Used many times in partial context, this is the first time that all known to exist have been copied verbatim and presented as a whole. Reading these poignant letters to his mother, gives us a different side of the man, unknown to thrill writers of today and yesterday. A new look at history. Soft-cover. $6.00                                                                                                                                               



Quantrill’s Company and Warrants Issued after the Burning of Lawrence

Compiled from National Archives microfilm by J. C. Eakin into booklet form, it includes a listing of Quantrill’s men from the Provost Marshal files, including some names that were spelled incorrectly or their service files were in error. A fine collection of miscellaneous documents and affidavits, such as the one from Joel Challis. In addition to these, the faces of some of Quantrill’s men were recognized by residents of Lawrence and for those known, a special warrant was issued, charging them with the crime, dated 18 Nov. 1863. 37 pages, soft-cover. $6.00                                                                                                                                               



Quantrill’s Raiders

A listing complied by Carl Breihan and Patrick Brophy to which information has been added in some cases. $4.50.                                                                                                                                               



Recollections of Quantrill’s Guerrillas

Revealing story as told to Victor E. Martin in 1910 at Weatherford, Texas, by former member Andy Walker, is a real eye-opener. For the first time we see and can witness the true beginnings of William C. Quantrill’s famous legend by one who would know. Andy revealed hiding places, names and events that transpired and of those that took part in the guerrilla warfare of Missouri. Transcribed by J. C. Eakin, 112 pgs, $12.95.                                                                                                                              



Ride The Razor’s Edge. The Younger Brothers Story

By Carl Breihan. The book tracks the adventures of Cole Younger and his brothers, James, John, and Bob.. And tells the story of a troubled state during the late 1800's. 288 pages, photo’s, hardcover edition.. $15.95                                                                                              

StoryofColeYounger.jpg (37669 bytes)

The Story of Cole Younger By Himself

Edited text, newly improved photo’s, Oak Hills Publishing, has really given us a worthwhile manuscript within the 160 pages of text. This is Cole Younger’s story, as told by himself and in his own words. You won’t be sorry, unless you overlook this great little gem. Soft-cover, $12.95





My Three years With Quantrill: As told by His Scout John McCorkle

Written from Mc Corkle’s own words by O. S. Barton. Mc Corkle was a young Missouri farmer of Southern sympathies who became a prominent and trusted member of Quantrill’s guerrilla band. Later in life, he, one of the fortunate to survive, went back to the peaceful pursuits of life, farming and raising a family. Excellent story. $17.95                                                                                                                             



Trial of Frank James For Murder:With Confessions of Dick Liddil and Clarence Hite And History of the James Gang.

Reprinted by Two Trails Publishing from an original written by George Miller, Jr., in 1898. Excellent documentation of trial and complete transcript. Valuable reference work. 348 pages, soft-cover. $24.95                                                                                                   



Wanted! Frank and Jesse James The Real Story

Reprinted by special permission of the original authors Margaret Baldwin and Pat O’Brien and published the first time in limited number edition of 1982 quickly sold out. Full of photographs of the gun-slinging brothers. They were more than criminals, they were the product of a chaotic society that grew out of the terrible border wars of the Civil War. This is the real story behind Frank & Jesse. 192 pgs, soft-cover, $18.95                                                                                                                                       



With Porter in North Missouri

Re-published by Camp Pope Books. The publisher has brought this colorful man back to life with the reprinting of this famous old book by Joseph A. Mudd. The book is basically a history of the First Northeast Missouri Cavalry, C.S.A., better known as Porter’s Regiment, which rode wild and free through Yankee controlled northeastern Missouri during the summer of 1862. Wonderful book; great text, clear and sharp. Attractive cover. 380 pages, PLUS a large appendix section full of personal information on these men; Fully indexed and at bargain at $20.95.