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Reminiscences.jpg (578178 bytes) Reminiscences of the Women of Missouri During the Sixties

"A book by the ladies who lived it."

This book, written by the ladies who lived it, and  first published in the early 1900's by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, has been indexed and reprinted in soft cover. It tells of the trials and tribulations these families endured while their loved ones and friends served the Confederacy. A must read for all true Missouri historians. 388 pages includes index.   6" by 9" format.$19.95.             Matching bookmark $2.00.

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Chin Music From A Greyhound (Vol II)  Confessions of a Civil Was Reenactor                

by Robert W. Talbot                         

   This second book is as hilarious as was the first published some years ago, and covers the period 1988-1997. Truly, Bob's adventures as a Civil War re-enactor, show the diversity of the hobby, as well as the comradeship that develops between the re-enactors as they replay historic events from Americas Civil War. Narrative told in adult language. Not recommended for minors. Soft Cover. 334 pages. $16.95 




Confederate Settlements in Br. Hon..jpg (79801 bytes) Confederate Settlements in British Honduras                                                         By Donald C' Simmons, Jr.
During the American Civil War, and the years immediately following, thousands of Confederate sympathizers and former soldiers, left the Southern United States and sought exile in other lands. Evidence suggests that more Confederate soldiers went to British Honduras than any other single site. This work details the trip and what life must have been like for immigrants in places like Belize City and the settlements at Toledo, New Richmond, Northern Honduras, and what Belize City was like during the height of the immigration influx.Also included are lists of arrivals at the hotels and passenger lists from the ships. Indexed. 176 pages. Soft cover. Price $29.95. 



Frank and Jesse James The Story.jpg (262398 bytes) Frank James and Jesse James: The Story Behind the Legend

by Ted P. Yeatman                        

367 pgs plus James in the films section; forensic study in the exhumation of Jesse James in the 1990's; large section of end-notes. Indexed. Yeatman attempts to do just as the title implicates and he succeeds quite well. Well worth the read. A different type of book on the James boys. $26.95 hardcover


REBELThe Life and Times Of Mosby.jpg (130078 bytes) Rebel: The Life and Times of John Singleton Mosby

By Kevin H. Siepel                                      

With a forward by Senator Eugene Mc Carthy. Mosby was the darling of the Confederacy; wily as a fox, smart as any Northern officer and he knew his territory. These things made him the hardest to catch of all the Southern raiders. This book traces Mosby throughout the war and his life following the conflict,. Warrior to the end. Soft-cover  $17.50.  291 pages;


Creek Country2.jpg (2143555 bytes) Creek Country

by Terryl W. Elliott

Terryl Elliott is a writer, historian, and poet whose work has appeared in various local and regional publications. This is his third book.                                            From after the Civil War till the turn of the century the Indian Territory was a wild, and much of the time, lawless place. Yet settlers flocked there by the thousands for the highly prized land. However, to make a home there folks had to contend with the criminal element, which was almost a daily factor of life in the Indian Nations. Paper back. $18.00





The_Fifth_Funeral.jpg (701461 bytes) The Fifth Funeral

by Terryl W. Elliott

In 1876 a boy is born who will link 150 years to the present. While it’s cast is filled with many famous and infamous figures, William Warnot’s story is really one that reflects both the tragedy and triumph of an American life. His story is unique primarily to the whims of coincidence and longevity…..otherwise it could be the story of an ancestor belonging to any one of us! Paperback. $12.00





Oaths and Bonds for Boone County, Missouri

   Researched and transcribed by Janice Toms. A very valuable addition to resource materials. The oaths and bonds were required due to citizens moving between counties in their attempt to get away from the violence of war. Gives persons names, ages, etc, amount of bond, and some great entrees in the remarks column. This is extra valuable as it is records from between the census years. If your family lived in mid-Missouri during the war, these are worth a look. Soft cover. $10.95



Colonel Thomas R. Livingston; His Life and Times

Written by Roland Diggs of Carthage, Missouri. This new work delves into the circumstances surrounding Livingston's every day life and how he lived. Detailed are deeds to his extensive mining properties, his immediate family and associates are defined in detail. The men who rode with him, his movements throughout the southwest Missouri area and into the Indian country of Oklahoma, and Livingston's untimely death in July of 1863 are clarified. Especially note worthy are the lengthy legal proceedings, concerning his estate, after his death. He was one of, probably only a few, whose estate was charged with depredation costs. It would take years before this probate cleared the courts. Adding to the valuable work is the glossary that details his association with those detailed in the book. Local residents and the men who rode with him are listed. Also included in the work: An artists rendition of Livingston and extensive maps. 200 plus pages of text, full sized 8 1/2 by 11, soft cover, fully indexed. $16.95